Five tips so you look great in your next portrait!

*Relax! You don’t want to look stiff or scared in your photograph. The camera won’t bite and nobody is judging you or how you look. If you are relaxed you will look great!

*Don’t wear large patterns or distracting logos. The eye will be drawn to the pattern or logo and not you. Think back five or six years… are you still wearing the same styles or did something better come along? Stick with plain colours and classic styles and your portrait will focus on you and be timeless.

*Colour! Why is that important? That really awesome lime green top will unfortunately give your face a pretty green hue. Nobody wants to look like Marvin the Martian, except maybe Marvin. Bright blues and oranges also do this. White and black although boring are always a safe bet!

*Wear dark pants or skirts and instantly lose five pounds!

*Avoid bronzer like the plague! It’s pretty, but add a camera flash and voila… instant shiny face! Use a matte powder to achieve that perfect skin tone. The same applies to blush and eyeshadow. Shiny lip gloss is ok.



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