99 Rolls

Last spring I finally did it, something I have always wanted to do, but had been too afraid to try. I put a roll of film in a garage sale camera that I had purchased for the lenses, they fit nicely on my digital camera, but that old Nikon FE sat there looking at me… like it was saying “shoot me… you know you want to.” Ok, I did… but I didn’t have the first clue how to do it! So I read the manual (I should know what to do now right?) Ummm no. The first roll came back blank. I didn’t load it right. The second roll came back… not so good, I mean there were photos, but they were way underexposed. The third roll… hey lets try Black and White… whoa… utter failure!

I need help… so I signed up for an online workshop called Embrace the Grain. Week one was all B&W… didn’t I just fail horribly at this? I loaded the roll… I followed Joyce and Heather’s instructions, I asked questions and I finished the roll. I sent it away with visions of black muddy looking photos returning again. Week two was all about colour, ok I can shoot colour… let’s go! I went out and shot the roll… these are all about learning, so I wasn’t too worried about composition… and I sent that one off. I’m still waiting and kind of worried about week one…

Week three- break week with an optional assignment! I did try strobes… exposed correctly, but mucked up the focus. Ok, that was kind of a success, since now I know I can use a strobe correctly with film… where is that film, its been two weeks!!! Here comes roll two… and they were better than I thought! Kodak Gold 200 isn’t a great quality film, but its pretty good for learning purposes! I am very happy with the results. 30240012

But where is that B&W??? Really starting to worry now… On to week four… and here comes the B&W, I really didn’t want to open the file and see what had came back… seriously worried… I used Ilford FP4


Holy Dinah Batman… did I shoot that?

I did… I am so excited to do more, learn more, shoot more… so much so that it lead me to eBay and a box of film… a big box of film… one with 99 rolls of Kodak in it… and that is how my film project 99 Rolls was born! Currently I have one shot, and 2 more loaded (good film cameras are affordable, so my one Nikon has multiplied… a few times!)

Will be sharing more of my adventures in film… #99rolls


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