Lomography Purple #99rolls

I saw this film called Lomography Purple, it looked interesting… like it shoots everything in shades of purple! Ok, now what do I do with it??? 36 shots of purple??? I don’t think I should do portraits… purple people are just a little too weird, for even me.

I am a bit stumped at just what to shoot… so I loaded the baby and the dog in the truck and threw the Nikon FE loaded with Lomo Purple on the truck dash and went for a drive. It was a hot summer day anyway, so the baby and the dog got to sit in the air conditioning! I however stood out in the hot sun sweating my butt off… the things I do for fun right?

Here’s some purple goodness for you!


whoa… ok I threw a star filter on there too… may as well go all out if we are experimenting! I didn’t quite finish the roll that day, I was running out of ideas for purple photos and I was not sure exactly what this was going to look like.


tired of fields of bright yellow canola blossoms? How about purple canola fields!!! Trippy, this stuff is really cool… it works well with full sun (like the first shot) and it works well on a stormy day as well! But I think 36 shots is to0 much at once. I do have a Holga, so I bought some Lomo Purple for 120… hope it works out as well as the 35mm.

I”m still working on my 99 rolls project, the first roll is complete… as soon as I get 6 rolls I will send it off to the Canadian Film Lab for developing… I’m not ready to “soup my own” since I have only been shooting filmĀ a couple months and I just don’t know enough or feel brave enough! Until next time…