You must have a great camera! #99rolls

“Nice photo, you must have a really great camera!”

Well, yes I do… but I don’t always use it. Sometimes I use a camera I purchased from the thrift store and to make it even harder I put cheap expired film in it! But I don’t limit myself to just film cameras either… I am a firm believer in use the camera you have in your hand! I shoot digital, film and my iPhone. But this blog is about film photography and my progress learning how to shoot film, so no digital or iPhone stuff here… if you want to take a peek at my digital work have a peek at the Landscape Gallery found here.

sc171016006814-18Photo developed & scanned by Canadian Film Lab

This photo was taken with a 1970’s era Olympus Trip 35mm that I found at my local thrift shop for $5. It was in great shape… I put a roll of Kodak Gold 400 (expired 4 years earlier) for a test roll and I packed it along with me in the combine during harvest. As I unloaded the wheat into the semi truck I looked over to where my Dad was and this amazing golden light was there. I grabbed the trip and snapped the shot. I know its not a prize winner composition wise with the horizon in the middle… but somehow it works.

Sometimes with film, I feel limited with the stock that is loaded in the camera, its so different from digital, I can’t just change some of the settings, so I made another trip to the thrift store… maybe I can score another good cheap camera! This time it was a Pentax sp500 that looked hardly used with a 50mm lens and 35mm lens for $30! So far I have spent $35 on camera gear! I loaded up some old Fuji Superia 400 expired 3 years ago and went out to try this camera out. I hope it works properly, it looks virtually brand new but it is an old camera that has probably sat in a closet unused for a long time…

When the roll was done I sent it away, letting the lab know it was expired and would have a magenta colour cast. Letting them know ahead of time allows them to correct the scan for me. Less work in the chair of death at my computer screen is always welcome means more time to spend with my family.

458420020023Photo developed and scanned by The FIND Lab

perfect Fuji colour!!! The Pentax works flawlessly too… neither of these cameras are what I would call great cameras, but they are darn good ones and they are affordable. The film I used was not high quality, was expired (which can affect the colour and produce more grain) and to be honest I think it did just fine. Shoot with what you have, the gear isn’t important… just go shoot!



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