AGFA Vista… I love you!

Colour… who doesn’t love a bright pop of colour? While B&W photos are awesome and film renders them so wonderfully, colour is my favourite. So when I find a film stock that is amazing AND affordable… its love at first sight.

A friend of mine was picking up Agfa Vista at Poundland, my first question was “what is Poundland?” she is from the UK, Ohhhh… the Dollar Store, I get it. Why can’t we have Poundland in Canada? For that matter why doesn’t anyone sell film in my area? I can get a few rolls of Kodak 200 and that’s it. I want Agfa Vista!!! Hang on I will show you why.


This is so my style! I could order it from the US, but international shipping made it expensive. BOO! Then I found a website called  Buy Film Canada and there it was, Agfa Vista and reasonably priced in Canadian dollars! Happy Dance!!!


Check out these reds… so perfect!


Even on a cloudy overcast day the colour just pops!


Skin tones are nice too. I will be shooting this stock a lot more! For a consumer grade film it is mind blowing, nice grain, wonderfully bright and just right. The affordable price makes this even better!