Frugal Film Project – 2021

And this dear readers, wraps up the 2020 Frugal Film Project. What a year it was… who could have predicted the change we were about to see last January?

The world changed, our freedoms all of a sudden were restricted. No travelling, you must wear a mask, you may not have visitors of visit others and on and on and on… for some it added to the creativity and for others it took away our urge to create. Some people added mew members to their family while others lost loved ones…

After months of “when this is over” and it not happening I decided it was time to just go ahead with life with a few modifications. Life got better. Fortunately I was one of the families with new members, but with that… I also have much less time to devote to projects, this website in particular.

After two years and it being a fun project, we hated to see it die, so the Frugals and I decided to open the project to the public and form a Facebook group with the same format and rules for 2021. Now I have time to shoot AND enjoy the Frugal Film Project once again. Plus now it has grown quite a lot! Please do come visit us in our group! Please note there are a couple questions to answer to gain entrance.


Frugal Film Project – The Zine!

The Frugal Film Project: one camera, one film, one year. Follow 13 photographers around the globe who complete this project…

Find out more on MagCloud

4 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – 2021

  1. It looks like your project is maturing and that’s great .. though I’m chagrined to find you’re moving off the public internet just when you’re “opening” up to broader participation. It was fun while it lasted…

    1. It was that or fold, the website was too much for me to keep up with. Life got in the way. It was fun… it is still fun! Join us all on Facebook… Frugal Film Project ’21

  2. is there going to be a FFP in 2022?

    1. Yes… we are still going strong. You can find us in a Facebook group called Frugal Film Project’21 with a bright pink Pentax on the display page. Hope to see you there…

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