After the FU roll… I dreaded trying again, but I did. A little knowledge applied, a dusted off grey card and external light meter… and OMG! I love these!!!



Was never a huge fan of B&W photography… until now! Will def be shooting more B&W film in the future.





So today I am going to show you just how bad that first roll of black & white was. This will be humbling and embarrassing to show people, but I’m a firm believer in looking back and seeing progress and how much you grow. So lets go back to April and visit how bad at this I was…



whoa… seriously underexposed!!! But at least it is focus, not like the next shot!


exposure is a little better… but its out of focus, which makes me sad, because look how cute little man is! Manual focus is much more difficult when you get used to using back button auto focus… I need help. This is not what I had envisioned at all! The entire roll was a total F*** Up!

“Nice photo, you must have a really great camera!”

Well, yes I do… but I don’t always use it. Sometimes I use a camera I purchased from the thrift store and to make it even harder I put cheap expired film in it! But I don’t limit myself to just film cameras either… I am a firm believer in use the camera you have in your hand! I shoot digital, film and my iPhone. But this blog is about film photography and my progress learning how to shoot film, so no digital or iPhone stuff here… if you want to take a peek at my digital work have a peek at the Landscape Gallery found here.

sc171016006814-18Photo developed & scanned by Canadian Film Lab

This photo was taken with a 1970’s era Olympus Trip 35mm that I found at my local thrift shop for $5. It was in great shape… I put a roll of Kodak Gold 400 (expired 4 years earlier) for a test roll and I packed it along with me in the combine during harvest. As I unloaded the wheat into the semi truck I looked over to where my Dad was and this amazing golden light was there. I grabbed the trip and snapped the shot. I know its not a prize winner composition wise with the horizon in the middle… but somehow it works.

Sometimes with film, I feel limited with the stock that is loaded in the camera, its so different from digital, I can’t just change some of the settings, so I made another trip to the thrift store… maybe I can score another good cheap camera! This time it was a Pentax sp500 that looked hardly used with a 50mm lens and 35mm lens for $30! So far I have spent $35 on camera gear! I loaded up some old Fuji Superia 400 expired 3 years ago and went out to try this camera out. I hope it works properly, it looks virtually brand new but it is an old camera that has probably sat in a closet unused for a long time…

When the roll was done I sent it away, letting the lab know it was expired and would have a magenta colour cast. Letting them know ahead of time allows them to correct the scan for me. Less work in the chair of death at my computer screen is always welcome means more time to spend with my family.

458420020023Photo developed and scanned by The FIND Lab

perfect Fuji colour!!! The Pentax works flawlessly too… neither of these cameras are what I would call great cameras, but they are darn good ones and they are affordable. The film I used was not high quality, was expired (which can affect the colour and produce more grain) and to be honest I think it did just fine. Shoot with what you have, the gear isn’t important… just go shoot!



I saw this film called Lomography Purple, it looked interesting… like it shoots everything in shades of purple! Ok, now what do I do with it??? 36 shots of purple??? I don’t think I should do portraits… purple people are just a little too weird, for even me.

I am a bit stumped at just what to shoot… so I loaded the baby and the dog in the truck and threw the Nikon FE loaded with Lomo Purple on the truck dash and went for a drive. It was a hot summer day anyway, so the baby and the dog got to sit in the air conditioning! I however stood out in the hot sun sweating my butt off… the things I do for fun right?

Here’s some purple goodness for you!


whoa… ok I threw a star filter on there too… may as well go all out if we are experimenting! I didn’t quite finish the roll that day, I was running out of ideas for purple photos and I was not sure exactly what this was going to look like.


tired of fields of bright yellow canola blossoms? How about purple canola fields!!! Trippy, this stuff is really cool… it works well with full sun (like the first shot) and it works well on a stormy day as well! But I think 36 shots is to0 much at once. I do have a Holga, so I bought some Lomo Purple for 120… hope it works out as well as the 35mm.

I”m still working on my 99 rolls project, the first roll is complete… as soon as I get 6 rolls I will send it off to the Canadian Film Lab for developing… I’m not ready to “soup my own” since I have only been shooting film a couple months and I just don’t know enough or feel brave enough! Until next time…



Last spring I finally did it, something I have always wanted to do, but had been too afraid to try. I put a roll of film in a garage sale camera that I had purchased for the lenses, they fit nicely on my digital camera, but that old Nikon FE sat there looking at me… like it was saying “shoot me… you know you want to.” Ok, I did… but I didn’t have the first clue how to do it! So I read the manual (I should know what to do now right?) Ummm no. The first roll came back blank. I didn’t load it right. The second roll came back… not so good, I mean there were photos, but they were way underexposed. The third roll… hey lets try Black and White… whoa… utter failure!

I need help… so I signed up for an online workshop called Embrace the Grain. Week one was all B&W… didn’t I just fail horribly at this? I loaded the roll… I followed Joyce and Heather’s instructions, I asked questions and I finished the roll. I sent it away with visions of black muddy looking photos returning again. Week two was all about colour, ok I can shoot colour… let’s go! I went out and shot the roll… these are all about learning, so I wasn’t too worried about composition… and I sent that one off. I’m still waiting and kind of worried about week one…

Week three- break week with an optional assignment! I did try strobes… exposed correctly, but mucked up the focus. Ok, that was kind of a success, since now I know I can use a strobe correctly with film… where is that film, its been two weeks!!! Here comes roll two… and they were better than I thought! Kodak Gold 200 isn’t a great quality film, but its pretty good for learning purposes! I am very happy with the results. 30240012

But where is that B&W??? Really starting to worry now… On to week four… and here comes the B&W, I really didn’t want to open the file and see what had came back… seriously worried… I used Ilford FP4


Holy Dinah Batman… did I shoot that?

I did… I am so excited to do more, learn more, shoot more… so much so that it lead me to eBay and a box of film… a big box of film… one with 99 rolls of Kodak in it… and that is how my film project 99 Rolls was born! Currently I have one shot, and 2 more loaded (good film cameras are affordable, so my one Nikon has multiplied… a few times!)

Will be sharing more of my adventures in film… #99rolls


The past few months I have been reading a lot of material pertaining to photography. One thing I have noticed is ALL of them say, find yourself and embrace it… the first time I read it, I thought ya ok, here I am, so what?

The second time I read it, in a different book, I thought again? Yes still here! The third time I heard it in a podcast, it hit me… it was like a V8 moment, palm slap to the forehead! Ok, so who exactly am I and what makes me well me? I stood in front of the mirror looking and being a visual person my eye wandered to the little stray hair that always sticks up. “hmmppfff, stupid curly hair!” I thought.

As I reached up to “fix it” and make it sit down (I totally know it will pop right back up in two minutes) it hits me. Part of me is my stupid curly hair, I was not blessed with straight hair, but a full head of super fine curls. Which was cute when I was a baby… but I’m now 46 years young and straight hair is “in.” What does my complaining about my hair have to do with anything? Well, it doesn’t solve world peace or hunger, but it does have a part in embracing myself and learning to love what’s unique to me. Which in turn helps me develop my style artistically.

So the next morning I got brave, after my shower… I let the curls run wild! The popped up all over and boy they were NOT pretty! Just like rebellious teenagers! EEEkkkkk!!!! On went my hat and off to town I went, in search of curly hair products. God I hope nobody I know sees me… I thought. Which of course everyone I knew happened to be in town in the same store as I was, or it felt like it.

Day 2… let’s hope this goes better. The shampoo and conditioner was nice… but let’s see what happens with the frankencurls today, or will it be afrohead again? It was much better and after a few days I learned to work with my curls and not fight them. Life is much easier, instead of an hour straightening something not meant to be straight daily, I have more time in the morning for coffee and breakfast.

So my hair is curly… and the current style is straight. But guess what… I have been happier since embracing the curls that are me and I have learned something else too. Be what you are meant to be, not you think you ‘should’ be… here is my curly hair… SimplySherry

Happy Friday World!


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Global News

CALGARY – A yellowed letter that turned up in an antique trunk halfway around the world is giving people in a small Alberta town a glimpse at what post-war Prairie life was like nearly a century ago.

Violet Collier penned the correspondence on Nov. 15, 1919 — shortly after the First World War — on letterhead from the Vulcan Supply Co. in the town of Vulcan, southeast of Calgary.

The letter remained hidden away in a traveller’s trunk for 94 years until a man named Tim Lacey bought the trunk in Balaklava, Australia, a few years ago.

When he finally got a chance to go through it, he found the letter, looked up Vulcan on the map and shipped the missive back.

“It does not seem as though things will ever be the same again, since this war, everything here is upside down with strikes, the United States is in…

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*Relax! You don’t want to look stiff or scared in your photograph. The camera won’t bite and nobody is judging you or how you look. If you are relaxed you will look great!

*Don’t wear large patterns or distracting logos. The eye will be drawn to the pattern or logo and not you. Think back five or six years… are you still wearing the same styles or did something better come along? Stick with plain colours and classic styles and your portrait will focus on you and be timeless.

*Colour! Why is that important? That really awesome lime green top will unfortunately give your face a pretty green hue. Nobody wants to look like Marvin the Martian, except maybe Marvin. Bright blues and oranges also do this. White and black although boring are always a safe bet!

*Wear dark pants or skirts and instantly lose five pounds!

*Avoid bronzer like the plague! It’s pretty, but add a camera flash and voila… instant shiny face! Use a matte powder to achieve that perfect skin tone. The same applies to blush and eyeshadow. Shiny lip gloss is ok.