Week Fifteen – 52 roll film photography project


It is HOT outside, much hotter than normal for May. Crazy… because 6 weeks ago there was snow and not it is +30c outside! Its actually feeling like July! So what to do… why hook up the sprinkler of course!!! The grass isn’t quite fully green yet and could use a drink too. SherryChristensen-51

Little man is busy playing “car wash” and keeping cool while Grandma captures the moment… she may have ran through the sprinkler a few times too…

I continue on my journey of learning how to develop film, which is a lot of fun! But scanning? Not so much fun… I am struggling to have consistent looking photos. Scanning is the difficult part! I can see a real learning curve ahead. But it will come… each roll I learn more. It will get easier and faster, I hope!


opps! Someone forgot something!

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