Frugal Film Project – Jason Konopinski

I’m a copywriter by trade and work for a small boutique advertising agency here in York called GRIT Marketing Group. I’m also a yoga and meditation teacher at House of Yoga, a donated-based studio (also in York, PA). My analogue photography journey began just over two years ago with a Canon AE-1 Program. I’d categorize myself mostly as a street/documentary-style photographer, but I also enjoy 4×5 urban and “conventional” landscape photography.

petri color 35 - frugal film project

A few notes on my gear and film stock for this project: 

The Petri Color 35 is, in my opinion, a functionally superior (and much cheaper!) alternative to the Rollei 35. While the Rollei 35 is beautiful to look at and hold, it’s not easy to use out in the field. I found this camera for $20 in my local antique shop.  Zone focused, shutter speeds B – 250, ASA 25-800, CdS meter.  The lens is a 40mm 2.8. 

Film stock of choice is Ultrafine 400. I purchase bulk rolls for just under $40 shipped. These will be developed in Rodinal, dilutions may vary. When using Rodinal, I use a semi-stand development technique. One sloooooooooooooooow inversion every 20 minutes; development time is usually around 1hr. The very weak dilution negates the need for a stop bath step, so I go right to fix using Ilford Rapid Fixer. I use FPP’s archival wash and PhotoFlo.  

Scans will be done on an Epson v600, imported into Lightroom.  

I recently got my mitts on an Omega LPL 670XL scanner, so darkroom prints are coming! As I work through the learning curve, I’ll be using Arista RC variable contrast paper (100 sheets of 5×7 cost $35) developed in Dektol.  Pretty stoked about stepping into this.
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4 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Jason Konopinski

  1. I agree about the Rollei. I had one but got rid pdq. I like the 40mm lens, something I like on the Olympus 35 XP (in fact 42mm and a useful f/1.7) but that’s a bit of a brute to carry. I would guess the Petri is much lighter.

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