Frugal Film Project – Graham Binns – January

img310 gbimg311 gbimg315 gb

img314 gbimg312 gb

img313 gb

Photos by Graham Binns using a 1936 Zeiss Ikon Nettar 510/2 and Ilford HP5+

*note this is Graham’s test roll, he wasn’t sure the camera worked and these are straight scans.

5 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Graham Binns – January

  1. Those couldn’t be anywhere but Yorkshire, could they?

    1. Ah yeah, the Yorkshire Bank gives it away maybe. Shot around Bradford City centre whilst my wife and kids finished their lunch so only spent approx 10 minutes shooting the roll.

      1. In fact I was thinking of the wool barons’ buildings. Although terrible things have been done to Bradford in the past few decades those, imo, just save it. Great to see the Nettar is working fine.

      2. PS. I now much prefer to go to Leeds, except for getting C41s processed at ProAm.

  2. Wow, over 80 years old and still going strong! Great images Graham. I do NOT miss the UK winters ha ha.

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