Week 48 – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

Merry Christmas!!!

Hahaha, I know its March, but I’m slow posting these… honestly they were shot on time.


My Emulsive Secret Santa (gift arrived on Christmas Eve!) thoughtfully included a roll of Fuji Natura 1600, so I loaded the Nikon F100, put the 24-70 2.8 on and everything is ready! Santa has came… sherrychristensen-8

Everyone is fast asleep, but not me… I getting the turkey ready, setting the table with the good dishes and doing the food prep. Why?


Because I don’t want to miss the little guys reaction when he gets up in the morning!


I want to watch his face when he opens that really big gift! I got him a nice big barn/shop handmade from a local artisan woodworker. He had no clue what it was… but he sure loves playing with it!


Merry Christmas!

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