Frugal Film Project – Brian Havican – April

Brian is shooting a Argus 75, however this will most likely be its last appearance here… it has developed a horrible light leak and is unsure if he can repair it or not. Brian is currently looking for a replacement camera just in case the Argus 75 has become a shelf queen. He is shooting Fomapan 100.

Small fallsSmall fallsresizedcopy

Starved Rock canyon hikeStarved Rock canyon hikeresizedcopy

French Canyon fallsFrench Canyon fallsresizedcopy

small falls2small falls2resizedcopy

hiker on bridgehiker on bridgeresizedcopy

kids hikingkids hikingresizedcopy

1 thought on “Frugal Film Project – Brian Havican – April

  1. I do hope either you can repair or find another similar oldie to continue.
    For me this project is the most interesting for the older cameras. The lenses on the, eg, Minolta, Canon, Olympus, Pentax are, for me, ‘modern’ and should be producing excellent results – after all they were the lenses used by professionals not that long ago.
    Perhaps we could have a ‘Fossil film project’.

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