Frugal Film Project – Dustin Cogsdell – May

Dustin is shooting a Canon Elan 2 and Ultrafine 400.

Photo Jun 06, 10 39 01 AM

This month I make my triumphant return with a new camera. It was kind of a breath of fresh air, autofocus has been severely underrated by me. Itʼs inspired me to spend a little more time with more modern cameras and lenses.

Photo Jun 05, 2 52 00 PM

Back to the project. This month was the first month I had a hard decision regarding my six photos.

Photo Jun 05, 2 49 46 PM

In the past I would have one or two I liked and it was just trying to find the last remaining images. That was not the case this month, this month I had roughly 12… TWELVE!!!

Photo Jun 05, 2 52 59 PM

Thatʼs a pretty significant difference for only a camera change really. I donʼt feel like I changed the way I shot at all, maybe the autofocus is just better than I am at manual focusing… letʼs be real, it definitely is better.

Photo Jun 05, 2 48 31 PM

Not having to worry about exposure was nice too, but I still would try to work out my exposure and just double check with the meter, and go with what it said most of the time. I enjoyed shooting this month, and Iʼm looking forward to the results I get going forward.

Photo Jun 05, 2 45 52 PM

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