Frugal Film Project – Kevin Dillon – May

For May I shot at the Cleveland Zoo as well as a local tractor/truck pull.


Note to self… If it is cloudy in the AM, get up and make sure you are at the zoo BEFORE it clears off and gets sunny and hot. Otherwise, the animals want to hide inside or in the shade out of reach of your camera. Sad face. 😦






So, I can’t say I had a big variety to shoot. I did have more opportunities for photos at the tractor pull, but I was limited in how close I could get to the action. I ended up with quite a few shots, but I suspect the after dark photos will look better due to more motion blur and slower shutter speeds? We shall see how my night shots come out when I process those in the AM. That roll was Tri-X shot at 1600 and will be souped in Diafine.



Luckily, I had my Canon EOS Rebel Ti with me, because the meter on my Minolta got really wonky, especially after dark. Had I not had my Ti, my exposures would have been pure guesswork after dusk since my Black Cat exposure guide was not in my bag.. Needless to say, for my June shoot I will be subbing my Minolta body out for my Kalimar KX7000, which is a Minolta X370 clone.


And after scanning my roll I’m disappointed in the composition as well as the lack of motion blur in my tractor pull shots. I should have brought a monopod so I would have been able to smoothly pan and I also should have brought an ND filter so I could have used slower speeds. Lesson learned! I may revisit a pull later this summer at one of the surrounding county fairs and give it another go… Maybe pay for a pit pass to get a better vantage point?



Film used: Ultrafine Xtreme 400

Processing: Rodinal 1:25 @ 68 degrees for 7:30 minutes – Temperature was controlled via sous-vide

Scanner: Epson Perfection 370

No contrast or sharpness adjustments were applied



Camera – Minolta SRT-SCII

Lenses – Minolta MD 50mm f2

Vivitar 28mm f2.8 close focus – Komine

Soligor 135mm f3.5 (Tokina)


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