Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen – July

Happy Canada Day! July 1st is when we celebrate Canada’s birthday (152 years) and they maple leaf flies… fireworks and celebrations are happening. BUT… that’s not what I shot for July, ok one flag shot…

Sherry Christensen-2

My roll this month was shot on a train trip, the Alberta Prairie rail line. Its a very old train on a once abandoned rail line that runs from Stettler AB. to Big Valley AB. and the rail cars range from 1910’s to 1940’s.

Sherry Christensen-3


Sometimes the train even gets robbed! On our trip we were fortunate that we were not robbed (all money goes to charity) and my Grandson had a lot of fun… he loves trains!

Sherry Christensen

The really neat part of taking a trip like this is until you experience it you have no idea how slow travel was all those years ago! Seriously cruising across the prairies at a whooping 30 miles per hour wasn’t a quick trip!

Sherry Christensen-5

Our car was not economy (no seats and open air) but it wasn’t one of the luxury ones either… however it was a lot of fun.

Sherry Christensen-4

This is a shot of the historic Roundhouse from 1912… or what is left of it.

Sherry Christensen-6

The day predicted rain and was gloomy… so since I had not shot the Pentax MV and Kodak Gold 200 in overcast conditions… it was a good test to see how it performed. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, but actually I was pleasantly surprised!


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