Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen -August

August bring the beginning of autumn… yes summer is almost over (short isn’t it?) and this year it was a cool and rainy one! But I did find a few sunny days to shoot. This month I experimented with a circular polarizing filter on the MV. Since it meters through the lens I could just put the filter on and twist it until it looked right (to my eye) meter and if there was a green light I was good to go.

Sherry Christensen_-6

It really gave a nice rich colour to the greens seen here!

Sherry Christensen_

And look at those skies!!!

Sherry Christensen_-5

To compare what the filter did or did not do, I did shoot one frame without the filter as seen in the sunflower shot. It made a really big difference! Now lets go back to some filtered shots.

Sherry Christensen_-4

Sherry Christensen_-3

Sherry Christensen_-2

I really like the results! Why haven’t I tried this before? I’m not sure… but I will be doing it more in the future!

What do you think?

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