Frugal Film Project – Aragon Etzel – New Member Bio

I’m Aragon Etzel from Memphis, TN and I collect old film cameras. I’ll make photos with anything that can hold film. I’ve had an affinity for cheap plastic toy cameras since I built my first TLR from a model kit in 2014. To that end, I’ve decided to use cheap plastic cameras for the 2020 Frugal Film Project. I’ll be using a Holga 120 CFN , an Instamatic X-30 with a Fakmatic 135-126 adapter, and as a backup, my beloved Bakelite Smena Symbol from the mysterious era of the former Soviet Union. If everything works the way I expect, it’ll be HP5/Lomo800 in the Holga and Kodak Tri-X/Ektar in the Kodak Instamatic. For more about me and photos I’ve taken, check out Aragon’s Eye


All 3 of these cameras were bought for under $50 including shipping. The Instamatic was $2.95 at a thrift store and the Fakmatic was on sale for $19.99 a while back on the FPP website. The Holga was $35 with free shipping, and the Smena was $25 + $20 shipping.

4 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Aragon Etzel – New Member Bio

  1. I just joined Frugal Film this year also. Hadn’t thought of posting the news on my Blog, but now I will. Cheers and looking forward to more of your photos. I’m sure I’ll be using at least one plastic camera this year.

    1. I’m excited! Plastic cameras can be such a fun break. Sometimes having low expectations for quality is good. 😀

  2. I want a Smena Symbol…just for the name and the styling! 😺 Goes off to look on EBay….

    1. The Smena Symbol is in my top 5 favorite cameras. They’re brittle, though, so get two. You’ll inevitably drop one.

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