Frugal Film Project – New Member – Dale Rogers

Dale Rogers is a native Texan living on a small island in Australia still contemplating whether he should say “G’Day Partner” or “Howdy Mate”. He lives with his family in a surf shack alongside wallabies, echidnas and penguins.

Dale is a senior manager in the state government and also runs a small adventure based photography workshop and tour business to maintain his sanity. Dale has been shooting as much film as digital for the past two years. He’s an avid collector and user of film cameras.

For this project he has chosen to use 4 frugal cameras -  a plastic fantastic no name point n’ shoot, a Fujifilm Cardia Travel Wide, a Canon T70 and a Canon EOS 500. Dale’s island based photography business, Photo Rangers, can be found at or on all the socials. 

What do you think?

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