Frugal Film Project – New Member – Kate Johnson

I am a World Traveler, Outdoors Adventurer, Research Scientist and Photographer.  I have been making photographs since childhood; as an adult, mostly documenting field studies as a Geology Student and later as a full time Earth Science Researcher.  My work continued to be largely documentary in style and work related, until a move to Monterey, California in 2000, where I pursued formal studies in B&W photography at Monterey Peninsula College.  

After moving to Colorado 12+ years ago, I’ve been doing some serious digital photography as a Satellite Imagery Analyst. OK, so my ‘camera’ is 600 km in outer space.  This satisfies all digital urges so that here on Earth I am 90% film.  My preferred subjects are: Landscapes and Architecture and I makes silver prints in my own home darkroom. 

2 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – New Member – Kate Johnson

  1. Very cool ! I want a space camera!

  2. Does kind of redefine the concept of putting the camera on a tripod and using a remote trigger..

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