Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen

Sherry Christensen is from Alberta Canada. She spends her days on the family farm with a camera of some sort nearby, whether on the dash of an old pickup truck or in the cab of a piece of farm equipment… there is always a camera nearby. She took up photography seriously in 2010 with a shiny red Nikon. Things progressed until she picked up a not so shiny Nikon FE in 2016, which she had bought for the lenses, but thought maybe she should learn how to use. After that first roll of film, it was an instant attraction! Many old film cameras have found their way through the doors of her home. Some have also been rehomed, but that first FE has found a permanent home with Sherry.  

But something that seemed to stick with her was…what about the unloved cheap cameras? Surely they could be great? Thus the Frugal Film Project was born!  

Still undecided on exactly what cameras she will be using, she has chosen two for sure shooters. The plastic fantastic Nikon F75 with kit lens and the Ikoflex TLR that has seen better days. Better known as Nik and Ike. Ike has a bent filter ring and had a bad mirror, which has been replaced, but still within budget and still to be tested. Both came from thrift shops. Nik at $24.95 CDN and Ike at $49.95 USD. 

Now, what else is around to use…  

What do you think?

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