Frugal Film Project – Graham Binns

My name is Graham Binns and I’m 38 years old, I have a wife and two children. I run my own business, a construction training centre and I live in Scholes, Yorkshire, England. 

This is my second year in the Frugal Film Project. Last year was also my first full year shooting film as I was only introduced to shooting film the year before by two very good friends. Last year I used a 1936 Zeiss Ikon Nettar 510/2 folding camera and although I got some lovely results, I also found it frustrating with only 2 shutter speeds. 

2019 also saw me fall more in love with the whole film photography process, I love using beautiful old cameras and trying out new film and this resulted in me really only using film for the whole year apart from the event. 

I regularly shoot medium format and I have recently started shooting large format too so for my frugal cameras I wanted to shoot some 35mm. I’ve gone with a selection of three cameras that I will rotate as the project runs through each film. 

1. Pentax k1000, bought for £10. I’ve not used it before. The light meter doesn’t work and it came with a couple of lenses. The shutter speeds sound OK. I’m hoping the light seals are ok.  

2. Olympus OM10, gifted from a friend to use on the project. Came with a couple of lenses. It also has the manual adapter on. 

3. Minolta x300, bought for £10. I ran a roll through it last year and it works fine, just came with a 50mm lens. 

I will aim to post my blog this year and incorporate the frugal film project more on my website. 

1 thought on “Frugal Film Project – Graham Binns

  1. Hi. I followed the project last year, particularly a photographer from Yorkshire, so I’ll look out for your contributions with interested. Scholes is maybe a dozen miles east of us.
    I’d favour the Olympus of your three chosen cameras, particularly if you have the manual adapter.
    It’s a pity you ‘ditched’ the Nettar; I have several. I favour ‘old’ rather than ‘cheap’. I use the Nettars from time to time but favour a patched up 6×9 Super Ikonta.

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