Frugal Film Project – Graham Binns

 ‘Piccadilly Line’ 

A week away in London with my wife and two kids gave me a much needed break along with plenty of opportunities to shoot some film. I started shooting my February roll (will get back to this) of Hp5 with a camera from a friend, it’s an Olympus OM10 with the manual adapter fitted. It came with a 50mm lens but also another friend sent me a 28mm. The camera felt great to use and I loved shooting the 28mm 2.8 on the packed-out tube full of commuters.  

Piccadilly Line 1200

There are so many photographic opportunities in the underground, leading lines everywhere, contrasting light and darkness, symmetry etc. so I chose this shot to represent the roll. Just imagine me stood there lining up the shot with the wife and kids stood behind me so they don’t get in the shot he-he, the noises from the next train echoing through the tunnel and just as it arrives, a gust of warm air blows out onto the platform, I could’ve spent hours down there shooting!  

 I shot the roll at 800 instead of 400 and developed for 8 minutes in Rodinal 1+25 mixture at 20 degrees.

 Thanks for reading, Graham 

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