Frugal Film Project – Kate Johnson

Valentine Roses 

I Love Flowers, I Grow Flowers and I Photograph Flowers.  These roses were not grown in my Garden but were a Valentine’s Gift from my Husband.  I’m sharing my favorite image here, but you can view the rest on My Blog.  I’m sure that you will see flowers from my Garden later in the Project. 

I think these turned out particularly well.  Photographing flowers in B&W can be tricky with no guarantee of success.  But I started working on B&W flower portraiture after seeing the Flower Portfolio of Mapplethorpe.  OK, I know what he is best known for, but his B&W Flowers are Magnificent.  


I continued to photograph the roses into March as they dried.  Those Images may appear next month? I also plan on printing the roses in my darkroom.  I’ll post a finished print on Instagram, probably sometime in April or May. 

For February I had to change-up my camera due to mechanical failure of the SRT-202.  Images were taken with my Minolta XG-A and my Rokunar 50 mm macro lens, and of course, Ilford HP5 at EI 400. 


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1 thought on “Frugal Film Project – Kate Johnson

  1. K. Joanne Stark April 1, 2020 — 12:25 pm

    Love and look forward to more.. Love the flowers startin to come up.. Thanks

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