Frugal Film Project – Matt Murray

Ocean pools are an iconic feature of the coastline in New South Wales. Coming from Queensland, I find them particularly fascinating. They have a long history –  the first ocean pool was built by convicts in 1819 in Newcastle. More than 100 have been built since this time. The pools are situated in locations next to the sea, where the waves can crash over the pool and fill it with salt water.

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They are very popular with locals and tourists alike, with many getting up before dawn for their daily swim. This photo was taken on a work trip  – I got up for an early walk and took this photo at the Newcastle Ocean Baths – a much-loved historic structure. I love the sleek architecture of the concrete seating area that curves around at the water’s edge.

1 thought on “Frugal Film Project – Matt Murray

  1. Wow, Matt. I had no idea this was a thing as an Ocean Pool. What a cool concept, and a great composition, too! Now I have something new to Google! 😀

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