Lumu VS Sekonic metering test!

A while back I found myself this handy little Lumu light meter… it was small and hooked up to my iPhone. Mine is an older model, I see there is a newer one out there. I have a Sekonic light meter, but tend to leave it at home simply because it is rather bulky. I asked other photographers who shoot film if they used one and they said no “I heard it wasn’t very good.”

That’s when I thought I should compare them. So I loaded up a roll of Kodak GT800 from the #99rolls I have in the fridge and began. Its super cheap stock and perfect for experiments! Lets see what happened…

No… these are not duplicate photos, even if you think they are. One was metered with the Sekonic the other with the Lumu in direct sunlight there is no difference.

Let’s make things a bit tougher… inside my dining room. Again… there is no difference! What? Seriously… this thing is freakin amazing! Well lets try the Lumu with Portra 400 and see what it looks like (Ok, I wanted to finish the roll!)


But wait… I took it out in the field and tried it there and the Sekonic stayed home. It performed well there as well, it was overcast and while I could do Sunny 16… that can be limiting sometimes. Will I sell my Sekonic? No… it has more features that I do use, like for strobe work and spot metering. However the Lumu is a perfect incident meter that fits your pocket! SherryChristensen-16

and here is the proof on the readings…


I found this an interesting experiment and I was impressed with the little Lumu meter. It is in reality a very good compact incident light meter. Be honest, you always pack you phone…




What do you think?

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