2018… already.



I admit I am sadly lacking updating my blog… sorry (its a Canadian thing to say) I know I should, but I would rather shoot than sit here at my desk. Speaking of shooting… 2017 had some difficult decisions regarding my photography. I’m still an analog addict, but at least the gear is affordable and I have a great lab! Christian & Erica over at Canadian Film Lab are downright amazing! Some really neat old cameras were used in 2017… some as old as the late 1920’s! Almost 100 years old and still working. Wow!!!



The Vintage Visuals Project is still going on, I have not uploaded everything yet… but rural internet is not fast and I am not patient,  slowly the photos are coming online. Something else I decided in 2017 was… being a hobbyist was my thing. No more guilt over getting deadlines in, with a toddler in the house (he keeps Granny VERY busy) or worrying about if they will actually like their photos… I kind of felt guilty about closing my doors, but its not fair to clients if I can’t devote the proper time and attention to them is it?


So for 2018… no more guilt! Pick up the camera because it is fun and to document our family farm. Which led to this years project… 52 rolls. Yes one roll of film a week! This could be tricky at times… but easy at other times. I can’t promise to update this blog regularly, but I will be shooting film every week!


Might end up with a lot of snapshots… but that’s ok too! Happy belated New Year!




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