Week Twelve: Film Photography Project, 52 Rolls

Hello my Holga, let’s load you up! Huh??? There is film inside… expired Fuji 400h that has been in there since last summer! Whoops.


These sunflowers are from 2017, I had a few more frames to go… so they are included here, plus I wanted to try developing 120 film, this is a perfect place to start! Let’s start in 2018… I have 5 shots left to play with…


This church is a historic landmark, just sitting out in the middle of nowhere. Once you read the history… it once was a thriving settlement on the prairie, it just never had a “town.” From the looks of things the farm community of the original homesteaders still have the same spirt, because the church is well maintained.



And… my favourite shot, an experiment that worked, light leaks! Sometimes (ok, more times than I like) my brain fart experiments are a fail… but this isn’t!


and this one is a fail… dang it!


What do you think?

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