Week Thirteen: 52 Rolls Film Photography Project

I can’t believe I’m still going on this… normally I would have given up long ago!

Twelve weeks where I have dedicated myself to some sort of photography… especially through the winter! That’s when it is the hardest to shoot. But winter is over and the insanity of spring work has began…

I also signed up for the Negative Positive Podcast Double Exposure Tag Team Challenge! If you have not listened to the Negative Positive Podcast, give it a try… its quite entertaining and I have learned a few things too and the best part is… its free!

Ok anyway, you enter your name, specify whether you want to shoot colour, black and white or slide (E6) film and if you want to shoot first or second. Then you are paired up randomly with another shooter. I got super lucky… my partner in crime was Scott Smith and it could not have worked out better! We agreed to shoot a mystery roll, mine rural and his urban.

Cameras used here were an Pentax MV and a Leica M6. These photos were shoot on Kodak Ektar 100.


4 thoughts on “Week Thirteen: 52 Rolls Film Photography Project

  1. These look great, thanks again for the great adventure. Can’t wait for the judges to get going on all the entries.

    1. It was fun Scott! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s results.

  2. great photos!

    1. Thank you, it was a really fun project. Scott is a really awesome photographer and I was fortunate to have drawn such a great partner!

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