Week Seventeen – 52 Roll Film Photography Project


I HATE SCANNING!!! This just looks a little off to me and I can’t get it to look like I want it to. It is so very frustrating!!! However they don’t all turn out that way…


This one is a bit better. It is an accurate scan of the toys, two generations of Tonka Trucks, one shiny and bright, the other has been outside for 25 years and been well played with. The software that came with the scanner is not the greatest either, it freezes and then shuts down, making the process even more difficult. So I think maybe I will try a different software program, maybe that will help.

2 thoughts on “Week Seventeen – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

  1. I shoot so much BW, sometimes I feel the same about scanning color film. Overall, I don’t mind the process of scanning. When it comes to color, I have to tell myself, “It is what it is. And I’m only going to tweak this so much before I move on.”

    1. Hi Shaun, great advice! I have a great respect for lab technicians who scan film for a living. They probably have better equipment to work with… but still have to work hard to satisfy their clients.

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