Week Eighteen – 52 Rolls Film Photography Project

Ok, enough whining about scanning… lets dig in and learn how to get better at it!


I am using different software now, so that has helped quite a lot! No crashing and its faster YAY!!! So off to the splash park we go… its still scorching hot, but the crop is in, hope it grows!


These scans are so much better, so I know there will be room to grow here. I do not expect to get lab quality results after just a few rolls, it would be awesome, but unrealistic. I am satisfied with these… they are not perfect, but much better than the first scans I did myself. I can always rescan them later when I’m better at it.


One crazy thing that has happened since I have started doing my own development at home… I am shooting way more film! Twice as much… maybe because it is much cheaper and I don’t wait a month to send in a batch. Since this is all personal work, its great to practice with.

What do you think?

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