Week Twenty – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

Can you believe it? I’m still going on this? Normally after a month, maybe two I give up!


It is canola in bloom season! The time of year when the fields are a riot of bright yellow flowers… so dang pretty! So this must have been shot with a really wonderful camera and film right? Ummm… not exactly! Its just that old Canon Rebel G and the 40mm pancake lens. Really amazing combination… and for once I did BUY a new lens for a camera.

Being a Nikon shooter I did not have a good lens for this canon and these Canon Rebels keep finding me… guess I have backup when this one dies. The amount I have been using this camera… its not if thats going to happen, but when.


The film? Some Fuji Superia 200 that my friend Mike Gutterman of the Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast sent me… I can’t get Fuji 200 here and I really do like it. Walmart sells this film stock in the USA, but in Canada it is Kodak Gold 200 in Walmart.

Crazy… its a consumer grade camera, lens and film… but the results, they blow me away!



10 thoughts on “Week Twenty – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

  1. wow I can’t believe that’s Superia, the colours are amazing!

    1. Superia is awesome! Give it a try… a hint, overexpose the heck out of it, loves lots of light.

  2. That first image is my favorite! I’m so happy to say that I have an actual print from you of this shot! 🙂 Canola, huh? Who would have thought it blossomed with such vibrant yellow.

    1. It’s so pretty in bloom. Wish it lasted longer, kind of like summer.

  3. Doing 52 Rolls a couple of years ago transformed my photography. It made me think differently about gear and consistency in my output. I hope you get as much from your…

    1. It certainly has proven to be not as easy as it sounds! Credit to anyone who completes 52 rolls or 365 projects!

      1. I ended up shooting 105 rolls in the year I think and at least one a week. It got me out shooting when normally I wouldn’t have bothered and on some of those occasions, I got some great stuff.

  4. Just discovered your blog. Great stuff! I love the idea of the 52 Roll Film challenge. I might have to consider doing it as well.

    1. You should totally do one. It’s a blast.

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