Week Nineteen – 52 roll Film Photography Project

Lets try something new! As in a new film stock. This week its Ilford Super xp2 400, the c41 B&W film. So why a c-41 (colour base for non film photo geeks) in B&W? One… because I can process it myself and two because I wanted to see how it looks. It does a great job and I really like it, even if I hear “these are great, too bad its B&W” and I hear that a lot… pretty much every time I shoot B&W!


This is shoot with a point and shoot Olympus Stylus Epic, an amazing camera found in a thrift store bin for $2! I know they are bringing ridiculous prices on the resale market… but I can see why, it is a great pocket camera! Small, compact, simple and plain outright good! Olympus got it right with this camera.


Handy to pack to the playground, sharp lens and best of all easy to use, just push the button! The film performs great too, it is a nice combination. It also scans well…


The only downside is, its not quiet and the flash has to be manually turned off for each frame, which I tend to forget to do. So no sneaky shots…


All in all, I’m pleased with this combination and will be shooting it again.


What do you think?

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