Week Twenty Two – 52 Roll Film Photography Project


I live in a rural farming area, small town life is both awesome and sometimes limiting. Its awesome when the yearly parade comes, its awesome because life is sometimes old fashioned, its awesome because in small towns you know most of your neighbours and have done so most of your life (possibly many generations of them!)

Its limiting when you decide you want to try film photography… because it is DEAD! I can buy Kodak Gold 200 and Instax Mini locally and that my friends is it. Labs… few and far between. Thats where the internet is so handy…


So when I want say some Portra 400 in any format, I have to order it in. Plus it is perfect for parade day, since you can’t really mess it up… thank you latitude!


The weather went from overcast to bright sun… making this film stock perfect for the quickly changing light.


I try and keep a few rolls on hand… just for days like this. I can set it and pretty much forget it… some of the kids wanted to see the photos and didn’t understand why they couldn’t and some thought it was “cool!”


What do you think?

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