Week Twenty Three – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

What the heck??? Test roll…

Is the camera junk?


I had a really tightly rolled and curly roll of Kodak Gold 200. I did not get it on the reels properly and the developer didn’t hit the frame in 4 spots on the roll. However in this photo, I kind of like it!


So what camera was I testing? Something fancy and awesome right?

Well… maybe, ok… it wasn’t a popular model. It is the Nikon EM with the 50mm pancake 1.8g lens. This was one of those cameras that came from a certain auction site with no reserve and had no bids. It also had no lens, but I had one that fit… so I threw a $5 bid on it and it came my way.


So what did I think of it? I kind of like the simplicity. Marketed as the Mom camera, it is small and easy to use. I can quickly set it and focus is nice. Still working on getting consistent scans… but they are improving somewhat.


Even in action shots it did pretty darn good! This was a total shoot from the hip shot, but I kind of love the happy summer vibe even if the horizon is crooked and bonus points for having it in focus. Did I mention this is a manual focus camera? Its a decent little camera… so if you find one, give it a try.

2 thoughts on “Week Twenty Three – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

  1. I like the li’l Nikon EM. I laugh when I hear it beep at me when the image is going to be underexposed. 🙂


    1. I like it too! I will have to try and make it beep now😳

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