Week Twenty Seven – 52 Film Photography Project

We went to Cultus Lake Water Park, I packed My Minolta Weathermatic since I knew we were going here… but not in my purse.


I only used it one day… since it was an outdoor waterpark and the sun was bright I used a roll of Lomo 100 my Emulsive Secret Santa gave me. If you haven’t already heard of Emulsive Secret Santa… you can find all the details here


This film stock really surprised me… I love it! Just as much as the little man loves the waterpark! Its bright, the colour is beautiful and I love cheap film!

The only downside to this camera is… it is bright yellow and not an iPhone in a bag so people tend to stare at me when I use it! Oh well… the Minolta will beat the socks off any bagged iPhone photo and these are untouched, straight from the scanner!


The memories and photos are worth the stares. It was a fun day… even if my sunblock failed!

2 thoughts on “Week Twenty Seven – 52 Film Photography Project

  1. Lovely colors

    1. Thanks Nelson. Lomo 100 is awful nice. I recommend it!

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