Week Twenty Six – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

Half Done!!!

I have actually made it half way through this project! This is the furthest I have ever gotten in a project… seriously, maybe I can really do it. So lets see where this week took us…


To the Vancouver Aquarium! I was seriously unprepared for this… I never expected it to be so DARK! I’ve never been to an aquarium before. Like a total idiot I loaded Kodak Gold 400 and rated it at 200! Uh oh…


Its also very crowded, people bumping into one another… and I have 200ISO film? Ummm… the 50mm 1.4D lens is my only choice here, that and hoping I have a steady hand at 1/15 sec shutter! No, I don’t have a tripod… what I have is… a steady hand and a lot of luck!


A LOT of luck!!! I was 100% sure the roll was going to be total junk. So I shot the heck out of my iPhone… because it was the only digital camera I had.


So Imagine my pleasant surprise when these came out of the scanner. Its true… film is magic!


5 thoughts on “Week Twenty Six – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

  1. You got some great shots!

  2. beautiful! πŸ™‚ particularly love the 2nd one, with the golden jellyfish against the blue πŸ™‚

      1. Yes! And the gold and blue complement each other so well 😊

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