Week Twenty Nine – 52 Roll Film Photography Blog

Home again…

I missed you! What I didn’t miss was the pile of chores waiting, but I guess that is the price of having a holiday right? Back to work!

Untitled (6)

Its quite the heat wave going on… I am sunburnt from the water park and I had a roll of film on my desk that I popped in my camera and shot… MISTAKE!!!

It was a roll I found in a camera and it had been shot already, I meant to use it to retrieve leaders… not shoot it! So I double exposed it and the other person had not shot it correctly so it was toast… no roll this week. Note to self… label found film!

On the plus side… since I home develop my own now… I didn’t waste money on lab fees!

So instead I re-scanned some of my earlier work to post… slowly things are improving in that department!


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