Week Thirty – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

Its coming…


The insanity… I hope I can shot at least a couple rolls. Here is where I will more than likely miss a week of two. But the crop needs to harvested and time is getting short… so that is the first priority.


My job during harvest is driving the combine…


In fact this is the machine I will be spending the next 4 to 6 weeks in depending on the weather. Non stop, no days off from 10am until midnight until every single bushel is in the bin.


Meals are eaten on the go… we do not stop. Time is short… by the time you read this there will more than likely be snow on the ground.


Everyone goes to the field, age 80 to age 2, a multi generation family farm. All men, women and children are out there… much care is taken to work safely. This is when I take a camera and I put it behind my seat (a cheap camera in case I break it! It is dirty, falls on the floor, really gets abused.) and what ever shots I get are a bonus.


This little guy really loves to go ride in the equipment, and since there is a good passenger seat, he gets to ride along. He has just turned 3 this week.

What do you think?

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