Week Thirty Nine – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

I’m on the road… back to the hospital. I wasn’t sure if it would dry up after all that snow… but we are going again, short handed… but going! I didn’t shoot anything the 9 days I was home, but we are down to the last 100 acres… so I left to be with my parents. Dads surgery is tomorrow.


I’m worried, but this is the best heart hospital in western Canada, so we are fortunate. I have my camera… plus my chemistry is ready to pick up.


In the hospital is a place called the healing garden… it is full of lush green plants and sculptures. Sometimes they have live musicians. It is supposed to be a quiet peaceful place… but it is not.


It is crowded, a bustling place full of people. It echoes with voices and it is hard to find a seat. Very popular area…


The surgery went well… now for recovery. We don’t know if a pacemaker is needed yet. Hope we know soon!

The past two weeks images are from my first two rolls developed in B&W chemistry, I am pretty happy with the images and chemistry!

2 thoughts on “Week Thirty Nine – 52 Roll Film Photography Project

  1. beautiful images 🙂 so peaceful

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