Frugal Fim Project – William Lehman

“My friends call me Bill.” He is a 48 year old maintenance technician for a 501c3 that provides affordable housing in Elkhart, Indiana, USA where he lives and works. Bill has been shooting film his entire life, though he didn’t really start using photography as a way to express himself until a few years ago. 


photo jan 12, 5 01 00 pm 

Bill’s gear:

  • Nikon FG with a Nikon Series E 50mm f1.8 and two extra lenses, a Sakar 28mm f2.8 and a Sakar 80-200mm f4.5 macro/zoom 
  • Camera kit was a gift from a friend when he went digital  (Free!)
  • I’ll be shooting Ilford HP5+ and developing at home in HC-110. Prints will be made at my local lab, Gene’s Camera Shop, and then scanned on my HP scanner.

you can find Bill on Instagram: blehman40 

4 thoughts on “Frugal Fim Project – William Lehman

  1. Patrick Cahill March 2, 2019 — 8:51 pm

    Nice and creative b&w shots of South Bend!

  2. Nice work, Bill. I like you composition especially in the photo with all the wires — nice balance’

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