Week Forty One – 52 Week Film Photography Project

Happy 3rd Birthday! This week was pretty easy to shoot… in fact I shot two rolls!







6 thoughts on “Week Forty One – 52 Week Film Photography Project

  1. Looks like fun! Unfortunately, I think my invitation to the party got lost in the mail. 🙂

  2. The Fuji looks great for this.

    1. Truly a wonderful film. Wish they would make it again!

      1. I don’t have any 1600 but you’ve inspired me to dig out some film stuff after at least 6 months ‘away’. I have 4 rolls of 200 and four rolls of 100 but first I’ll have to finish 6 shots in the OM2n (Agfa 200) and ? shots in OM1 (possibly Superia 200, 36). Graham (frugal film) and you together inspired to dig out the Zeiss Ikon folders, first a Nettar 515/2 loaded with unused ? (XP2 or HP5 I hope) before getting on to the Super Ikonta with my one remaining 120 HP5. Glad I found your blog as it will hopefully get me going with film again (long story, including health!). Exciting to see what is on those part used films 😊.
        Apologies for telling some photo friends (blipfoto) you were based in USA! Having now trawled through your site I see you’re in Alberta. Sorry.

      2. That is wonderful news! It will be like a time capsule when you finish those two rolls, like a adventure? Fun too!

        No worries about the location…

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