Frugal Film Project – Nelson Mullis

I started learning photography a few years ago using vintage lenses on a mirrorless camera, a great way to learn how exposure works.  Collecting various lenses from thrift stores and eBay, I occasionally picked up a film camera with a lens I wanted.  One camera was so nice and elegant that I wondered if it worked.  I put a couple rolls through a Minolta XD5, sent them to the Darkroom, and was pleasantly surprised. Soon after I learned developing film is fun, interesting, not that difficult, and inexpensive.  Lens collecting soon changed to camera collecting, and now i have no room in my house.  One day I hope to narrow it down to just a couple camera systems, but for now it’s just about having fun and learning. 



For the project I’ll be using a Minolta X370 with a Tokina ATX 28-85 lens acquired at Goodwill for $9.99.  I’ll be shooting Fujifilm Superia 400 ($15.99 for 3 rolls), the cheapest film that can be sourced locally – however, I’ll likely get most of it online since it’s cheaper and not Walmart.  I also recently acquired a backup X370, with 3 lenses, a flash, a bunch of expired film, and a ratty bag for $30.  Finally, I purchased a used Tiffen circular polarizer on Ebay for $5 – hope to use it by February.  Will be developing my film with C41 from the Film Photography Project and scanning with an Epson V600. 

Nelson is located in Warner Robins, Georgia, USA and can be found online at:

Instagram: @nelsonmullis

I’m also active in many photography groups on Facebook as Nelson Mullis 



3 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Nelson Mullis

  1. Another brand of excellent cameras I’ve never used (not quite – I have the Leica badged small Minolta. I sympathise with “now no room in my house”. I’ve just begun to unload some, but it’s difficult.

  2. I really like Minoltas – and the glass is really a value. And yeah, unloading seems will be almost painful.

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