Frugal Film Project – Marius-Andrei Voicu 

 Meet Marius-Andrei Voicu, he’s a 32 year old automotive engineer from Bucharest, Romania (EU). For this awesome project he has chosen a Canon AT-1 camera, with a 50mm f/1.4 which he bought, from the local gray market, from a guy that didn’t knew what he had. With a new battery and the camera works great, including the exposure meter. But do take into account that this is his second choice camera, since the initial one, a Praktica MTL 50 (known among closed circles as one of the “Krapticas”), died after testing it with 2 test rolls. He swears that he will not buy any russian or crappy german cameras from now on. 


He is going to use Fomapan 100 Classic as his film of choice for this project, sourced locally for almost 4$ a roll. Development will be done at a local lab, Allkimik since he is very lazy and didn’t bother to buy film development gear and chemicals, and learn to develop at home. He is scanning the film on his own though, using an Epson V550 and some third party software, since Epson’s is not that great. 


He is active in a few film photography communities on Twitter @kondor_konami, can be found on Instagram kondor_konami Facebook Marius Andrei. In his spare time you can find him out and about, shooting film on the streets of Bucharest, or where ever he is in that moment in time. 

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