Frugal Film Project – Kevin Dillon

Meet Kevin Dillon, he’s a PC Repair tech Warren, Ohio, USA. Here’s what he has to say about film photography and the project.

I’ve been using film since the 70’s, starting out with a Focal Tele-’Lectro 110 camera, then learning photography, developing and darkroom printing in HS, using a Yashica GSN rangefinder. At the last minute I decided to go old-school and am swapping out my AF Pentax for something a little more “hands-on”…



Equipment for this project:

  • Minolta SRT-SCII w/ 50mm MD f2 – body sold exclusively though Sears, Roebuck & Co. – $17.99
  •  Vivitar 28mm f2.8 $10.00
  • Soligor 135mm f3.5 – the T4 mount version – $8.00
  • Focal DT-5000S Zoom flash – $5.00

Total cost w/shipping was at or just below $50.00

  • Film – Ultrafine Xtreme 400 B&W purchased online since I can not find any B&W locally.
  • Developers – FPP-110, Rodinal, Photographers Formulary TD-3 or Caffenol Concoction.


Kevin says “It has been years since I’ve done any processing, so this should be fun!”

You can find Kevin online at the following:

Flickr: ricoh_shooter

Instagram: ricoh_shooter (not really posting there yet, but I hope to)

What do you think?

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