Frugal Film Project – Kevin Dillon – June

For June, I subbed out my Minolta SRT-SCII for a Kalimar KX7000 (Minolta x370 clone) due to a wonky meter.  



As far as subject matter goes, I’m struggling a bit this summer due to a lot of rainy weather on my days off, as well as a clutch on my car that has 180,000 miles on it and I don’t trust it enough to drive to the places I’d like to shoot. So needless to say, I’ve been sticking fairly close to home. 


For June, I went to the Trumbull County Fair and ended up shooting probably a half roll of my 36 exposures. I had every intention of shooting something else to fill the roll, but bad weather the rest of the month put the kibosh on that idea. 😕  



As usual, I shot with my 28mm Vivitar close focus f2.8 (Komine), Minolta MD 50mm f2 and my Soligor 135mm f3.5 lens.



My film was Ultrafine Xtreme 400 shot @ 400 and souped in Rodinal 1:50. Temperature controlled via sous-vide (and some ice packs to keep it at 68 degrees on a very warm day.) 



My scans were done on an Epson Perfection 370 Photo scanner. 



Hopefully I’ll have better luck next month! 










4 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Kevin Dillon – June

  1. I really love this set of photos

  2. Michael J Ulman August 7, 2019 — 10:43 am

    Dustin, the trapeze artist photo is pure, vintage beauty. They’re all good, but that one stands out to my taste. Beautiful job!

    1. Hey Michael… I agree the photos are fantastic! Kevin did amazing! 😎

  3. Awesome Ferris wheel shots! I’ve got to try this when our Washington State Fair starts up in a couple of weeks. Excellent work!

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