Frugal Film Project – Graham Binns – June

“I think I have just ruined my Frugal roll” Graham messaged the group in a bit of a panic…

“I was in a rush and opened the top of the tank and saw film rather than taking the lid off when emptying the developer. Just fixing now in the hope there might be a salvageable image. But my sink next to a window, so probably not.”

Well… lets see what happened! A few minutes later “Bloody hell, I got away with it!” Good news! Graham has images… the first three shots were affected, but the rest were ok, he was tempted the “just bin the roll” but thought maybe finish it and see what happened. We are pleased he did!





So even though Graham only has four photos he was able to salvage due to his misfortune… we are glad to see these survived! Graham is shooting a 1936 Zeiss Nettar 510/2 and Ilford HP5.

1 thought on “Frugal Film Project – Graham Binns – June

  1. I’ve done the same thing in the past with a similar result – a few ok. Nice to see the Nettar working in one of my favourite locations, particularly for my attempts at street photography, though generally I’m not a city lover. My Nettar has a few shots unexposed but I’ve no idea what the film is, so I’ll try for HP5 and see what hsppens.

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