Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen – October

Spooky… Halloween… Pentax Mv?

I am really going to have to get creative to pull this one off! The Mv is a nice little camera, but it is what I would call a barebones no frills camera. Aperture Priority only… no pc port for off camera flash or timer to set for low light shots, this could get tricky!

Sherry Christensen-6

Started with Halloween decorations on a dark rainy day and this just wasn’t “inspiring” me… so I moved along to…

Sherry Christensen-5

the funeral home! Still it wasn’t spooky enough. Sure the big old trees are kind of creepy, but it just wasn’t what I was going for. Move along…

Sherry Christensen-3

Back alley? Hmmm no.

Sherry Christensen-4

Ok… lets try some weird stuff… filters! I have 2 on the lens here, a Pentax Magic Filter, probably a very retro 70’s thing and this odd multicolour filter. The Mv does meter through the lens… so exposure was correct. This is kind of spooky weird.

Then my mind kicks into gear…

Sherry Christensen

now… this is spooky! All I needed was a flashlight…and a dark room! Not to mention a steady hand…

Sherry Christensen-2

and some inspiration from one of my favourite horror films The Shining! The best spooky photos came near the end of the roll! Kodak Gold 200 performed well in low light and in the rain.

What do you think?

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