Frugal Film Project – New Member – Nick Orloff

Nick Orloff – Frugal Film Project 2020 

About me: I’ve been shooting since I was a teenager.  I’m going to be 57 this year and for a few years wanted to make photography my career. Life, as it has a habit of doing, had different ideas. I lost interest in my late 20’s and didn’t feel like recording anything for a number of years. 
The need to document a growing family, initially on phone cameras and crappy digital point & shoots, saw my interest return. I started studying photography formally about  4 years ago, although only part-time. I’m currently a couple of credits short of a diploma but I’m ‘upgrading’, having been offered a place in a Bachelor of Photography/Degree course starting in February. 

While 90% of what I shoot for my studies is digital, I capture nearly the same percentage of images on film for my personal work. 

For this project, I’ll be shooting with a Voigtlander Vitoret and a Canon Canonet.  

The Voigtlander is going to be a challenge.  As well as having only zone focusing (which I have almost no experience with), it’s got three shutter speeds, 1/125, 1/60 and 1/30.  This means on a bright Aussie day, it’s going to be more or less useless for ISO 400 film.  Even worse at 800. 

The Canon is a real find.  I paid ¥500 in the bargain/broken bin of a Tokyo used camera store. For that price (A$6.50 or so), I just had to buy it. I’ve only put one roll through so far, but it focuses fine and seems to shoot at a range of shutter speeds & apertures. I’m expecting to shoot most of my FFP images on this camera. 

If you’re looking for me on social media, I’m @planbphoto on Instagram and Nick Orloff on Facebook

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