Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen – December

December was a month of very little shooting, life sometimes throws you a curveball… but I got my month shot on a small holiday I planned with my family at West Edmonton Mall. I debated of doing an experiment… some of the roll was shot at 100 and some at 200!

Sherry Christensen-5

I know you are not supposed to change ISO, but what if the lighting conditions were vastly different… could you change ISO? If there roll was a bust I had another week to shoot something… oh, heck lets try it!

Sherry Christensen-3.jpg

Hmmm… ISO 100 is brighter, but since I can’t shoot the shutter speed on the MV… its a bit blurrier (is that even a word?)

Sherry Christensen-4

Its pretty dark in the arcade, but I’ve switched to ISO 200 here and managed to pull off this shot!

Sherry Christensen-6

not 100% in focus… but cool looking, don’t these bumper cars scream 1979 not 2019?

Sherry Christensen-2

so many mirrors… I can see the other rides and the food court! Plus its my favourite ride in the entire amusement park!

Sherry Christensen

and as agreed… the self portrait!

Funny story, I bought a backup MV for 99 cents +14.95 shipping. I didn’t test it before the project started. I thought it was odd the camera needed new batteries again… but changed them and all was fine. Two months later… I realized I was shooting the backup camera! Opps. So I just continued with it. I think its been “film tested” now hahaha!

I’m putting the MV up for a while… after a year… its time to use something else, but I kind of will miss the the MV. And that my friends… concludes 2019 for me, on to trying to decide what camera to use for ’20!


4 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project – Sherry Christensen – December

  1. I really love this set Sherry. The colors are so nice! You definitely got a good deal on that MV.

    1. Thank you Monette! It’s a wonderful little shooter. I honestly thought about continuing with it… who knows maybe it will make a comeback in ‘20.

      1. I’ve had my struggles and frustrations with the Nikon EM I used for 2019. But I actually miss it a bit, so I might use it for 2020 too.

      2. Funny after just a month we miss those cameras? There were times the MV drove me nuts too!

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