Frugal Film Project – Nick Orloff


Camera: Canon Canonet, 45mm f/1.9 

Film: HP5, shot at box speed. 

Exposure data: No idea, maybe 1/250 and f/2.8  

The image: 

I use HP5 from time to  time, but my goto for 400 ISO b&w is Tri-X – I prefer the inky blacks, but HP5 is a good second choice. As I have to shoot it over the next couple of months I better do some research before the next roll goes in the camera. 

I like cemeteries, unless I’m there to bury someone. 

They’re quiet, the residents don’t mind having their photos taken – none have complained that I recall – there’s interesting local history, it’s a great place to test lenses and cameras; and I’m fascinated by the rituals that surround death. 

This cemetery - one of two within a short drive of home – has many of statues & memorials at eye level, making it easier to photograph them than those up a bit higher.  

I love the weathering of the stone, the texture and tones that years of wind, rain and sunshine have given it.  


Nick D. Orloff 

+61 413 200 311 



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